Alt Codes: Alt codes are codes produced on your computer that create special symbols or pictures on Static, such as a fish, hearts, stars and much more. They're called "Alt Codes" because you use the Alt Key and your number pad to create them. To use these Alt Codes, simply hold down your left Alt key on your keyboard followed by the numbers using your number pad (the numbers on the right, not along the top).



Regular commands.


Picks up all your furniture in the room you're in.


Safely removes everyone from the room while saving your room data from being trashed by server errors.


Shows you a dialogue of speech commands.


Disables users from walking diagonally inside your room.


Safely removes all your furniture inside your Floor/Wall inventory.


Unloads all your credits from your inventory into your purse.

:sit *new*

sit down

VIP commands.

:push username

Moves target user 1 step forward from their destination.

:pull username

Drags the user to your destination.


Allows you to walk backwards, instead of forward.

:mimic username

Allows you to copy someone else's avatar.


Gives you the option to change your username.

:follow username

Allows you to follow the user to the room they're inside.